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Jesus Folk and Spam

Spam is junk email you didn't ask for, usually sent by people you don't know.

Jesus Folk do not tolerate spam, our website and services are all 100% SPAM-FREE!

If you have given us your email address it will never be shared with anybody. Subscribers to Jesus Folk news will not receive any unwanted email messages and you may unsubscribe at any time. But since we send out news no more than once a month, it shouldn't be neccassary.

Common types of spam include:
- Dubious offshore investments proposals which are scams
- Get rich quick schemes
- Lose weight pills and 
- Credit cards
- Adult sites
- Casinos
- political and/or religious propaganda
- And many other forms of shameless advertising

The best course of action when recieving spam is delete the emails immediately, don't even open them and if you have a block function, block the offending address.

Spam amounts to theft, It uses network resources and internet bandwith which the spammer did not pay for unlike physical junk mail which is printed and delivered at the expense of the advertiser. spam also steals peoples time! "Thou shalt not steal." KJV (Exodus 20:15).

Spam should not be used to promote Christian websites, If you wish to tell others about the Jesus Folk website please do not send our website address in emails to people you don't know, as this is not only bad netiquette but breaking the 8th Commandment. Such behaviour can cause to become labeled as a spam site by spam authorities.

Prevent SPAM

There aren't any 100% sure ways to protect against spam, but to a large degree it can be avoided:

1) Don't share your email address with anybody you don't wish to recieve email from or don't trust, that includes all commercial companies, websites, software that asks for it. If some software or site requires a valid address open up a seperate account for such purposes. I have one address I use for such purposes which recieves about 100 spam addresses a day!

2) Never post your email address in public web sites such as bbs, forums, chats, guestbook, as such places are combed for email addresses by spammers using email harvesting programs. All email addresses found are then subject to spammers.

3) If you have a website use a server side form instead of an email link for people to contact you. Or write your address into an image, or to prevent email harvesters from getting your address use this simple script:

<!-- Anti-Spam script by
// Instructions: 
// 1) Replace MyUserName and with your details 
// 2) paste script into the body of your HTML, where you wish your address to appear.

user = "MyUserName"; //The first part of your address before the @
site = ""; //The second part of your address after the @

document.write('<a href=\"mailto:'+user+'@'+site+'\"><u>'+user+'@'+site+'</u><\/a>');
// End -->